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Where can I find information about tornadoes that have occurred in.

My opponent is the person farthest to the left, thinking about her game, something that I never do. First I asked Daniel if he had used the strategy that I suspected him of using (making me low on time before trying to win). In the end I decided to make more jokes about draws, such as that I would rather have a GM draw than an IM win, or about "My 60 Memorable Draws".

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For this assnment you can obtain 100 points, plus up to 10 points of extra credit.

Where can I find information about <em>tornadoes</em> that have occurred in.

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Average number of tornadoes per year (1950–2010): 1,253 Top 5 states with hhest incidence of tornadoes: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Nebraska States with lowest incidence of tornadoes): Alaska, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Vermont, Oregon Most tornadoes in one day: 209 (April 2011) Most tornadoes in one month: 817 (April 2011) Most tornado deaths in one year: 550 (2011) Fewest tornado deaths in one year: 15 (1986) Although tornadoes can happen at any time of year, they are especially common during the spring and early summer.Tornado Photos - Plainfield Public Library

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